Abu Dhabi’s Public Works Department (PWD) has invited companies to submit prequalification documents by 7 June for the bridge structure on the third crossing project. The package, the third and largest on the estimated $220 million development, centres on the construction of a 920-metre-long bridge with a central span of 210 metres (see Tenders). Package one is currently out to bid (MEED 7:4:00).

PWD says that the main bridge will be a hybrid structure comprising central steel asymmetric arch ribs, supporting pre-stressed concrete girder decks. At the two main channel piers, the decks will be supported by inclined pre-stressed concrete supports rising from the pier pile caps, which are to be constructed within temporary steel cofferdams. Foundations will comprise large-diameter bored in-situ piles.

The four-lane, dual carriageway bridge will connect Abu Dhabi island to the inter-emirates highway, which runs through Dubai to the northern emirates.

For package one, the bid closing date has recently been extended by one month to 5 June. It involves the construction of a four-kilometre dual carriageway from Umm al-Nar to Channel street and a 350-metre bridge over Umm al-Nar roundabout at an estimated cost of AED 200 million ($54.4 million – MEED 7:4:00). Package two covers a new interchange and a 2.5-kilometre link road on Abu Dhabi island.

The UK’s High-Point Rendel is the civil and structural engineer on the third crossing project.

UAE Local contractors were due to bid in 15 May for the construction of an 11.5-kilometre, four-lane carriageway from the Mafraq roundabout to airport interchange number five in Abu Dhabi. The Public Works Department (PWD) contract, estimated to be worth AED 148 million ($40.3 million), also calls for the construction of a new interchange near the Mahawi military camp, raising the road level by one metre, and the construction of surface water drainage facilities. Designs have been prepared by the UK’s Parkman Consultants (MEED 18:6:99).