US consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton has won a major contract to provide state upstream operator Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) with management consultancy services.Booz Allen was ranked third on price when bids were submitted earlier in the year, behind the US’ Deloitte and the UK’s CRA International. However, the technical merit of its proposals resulted in it winning the deal (MEED 9:2:07).Booz Allen will assist KOC’s management support group in its operations during the three-year contract. It will conduct independent analysis and provide advice on developing KOC’s strategy and re-engineering its business processes.The consultant will also evaluate and advise on the development of KOC’s organisational structures and the provision of corporate governance. The contract covers training of management support group staff and introducing international best practices that will be implemented on a call-on, call-off basis (MEED 8:12:06).In a separate development, Kuwait Controls Company has submitted the low bid for a contract to supply and install the new 11-kV, 72-MW MG-1 substation at the Magwa field.The company’s offer of KD 5.4 million ($19 million) is marginally lower than the next best bid of KD 5.7 million ($20 million) submitted by another local firm, Al-Ahlia Switchgear Company.For a separate contract to install the 11-kV Sabriya A main intake substation in north Kuwait, Al-Ahlia is low bidder at KD 2.9 million ($10 million), followed by the local Syed Hamid Behbehani at KD 3.3 million ($11.4 million).KOC is expected to award both contracts by the end of August, once technical evaluation has been completed.