Costain, in partnership with Spain’s Dragadosand Sazeh Consultand Jahanpars, both local, won package A, covering the main plant work, in a deal worth about $1,600 million. CBI John Brown, with the local Tehran Jonoob, took the $600 million pipelines and storage facilities package B. The plant will produce 670,000 tonnes a year (t/y) of naphtha, 1.4 million t/y of liquefied petroleum gas (EPC), 1.3 million t/y of ethane and 56 million cubic metres a day of natural gas.

Costain built the original gas plant at Bid Boland, adjacent to the new project, in the 1970s. The second unit was first issued for tender several years ago but budgetary and other problems meant it moved slowly until being put out to bid again in 2004.