About five contractors submitted bids in mid-May for the contract, also known as AX 151. Three of the bidders – CCC, the local/Belgian Bel Hasa Six Constructand the local Al-Naboodah Contractingwith South Africa’s Group 5– were subsequently invited by DCA to submit final prices.

The contract involves the construction of: eight hangars with associated workshops and ancillary buildings; a royal terminal with passenger bridges; a ground service equipment building; a main gatehouse; a canteen building; underground fuel tanks and pump rooms; and related site works. Beirut-based Dar al-Handasah (Shair & Partners)is the consultant.

Bidding is under way on the AX 059 package, which is expected to be the biggest single contract on the expansion programme. Bids are due on 14 August for the contract, which covers the finishes and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) works for terminal 3, concourse 2 and the car parking structure. Initial estimates put the value of the contract at up to $800 million (MEED 28:5:04).