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Explaining public-private partnership laws

The main advantage of having a PPP law is to establish a robust and clear regulatory framework, which is necessary to instil confidence in investors, says Gurmeet Kaur

23 February 2016 5:01 AM By

UAE Companies Law improves corporate governance

Ben Constance looks at the major changes resulting from the UAE Government’s adoption of the new Commercial Companies Law

22 February 2016 5:28 AM By

How Mena family businesses create their legacies

Ensuring the long-term future of a family business is a challenge, especially when passing the torch to the next generation, says Adib Rashid

02 February 2016 7:19 AM By

A guide to sanctions still in place on Iran

What the partial lifting of sanctions against Iran means for business, according to Adrian Nizzola and Samir Safar-Aly

01 February 2016 7:35 AM By

Anti-corruption drive enlists major GCC companies

The Sharjah-based Pearl Initiative says reducing corruption benefits the entire economy, and is set to work with some of the largest firms in the Gulf

16 November 2015 5:48 AM By

Contract disputes rise despite improved legal avenues

Average time to resolve construction contract disputes has increased; arbitration still the preferred form of contract resolution over court actions

25 August 2015 12:03 PM By

Iraq’s tax law and legislative efforts

Thomas Donovan of Iraq Law Alliance discusses the rules governing taxation in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan

16 February 2014 9:16 AM By

Anti-corruption in Iraq’s penal code

The Iraq Law Alliance’s Thomas Donovan explains the legislation around bribery and influencing officials

16 February 2014 9:15 AM By

Iraq’s civil code and contract law

Thomas Donovan of the Iraq Law Alliance explains how contracts are enforced in Iraq

16 February 2014 9:15 AM By

Exploring Islamic finance in Bahrain

Paul McViety, legal director and head of Islamic finance at international law firm DLA Piper, provides some background on Bahrain’s Islamic finance industry

09 December 2013 6:59 AM By

Private sector labour law in Bahrain

Muneera Zubari from Zu’bi & Partners explains what entitlements employees have under recently revised legislation

09 December 2013 6:47 AM By

The role of Sharia legal principles in Oman

Mansoor Malik and Sulaiman al-Salmi from Al-Busaidy Mansoor Jamal & Co. explain the role of Islamic law in Oman

29 October 2013 6:43 AM By

An overview of GCC corporate legislation

Key points in the corporate governance codes of GCC states

17 April 2013 11:00 AM By

Employment under Kuwait’s labour law

Kashif Syed and Mary Ann Sharp of law firm SNR Denton outline employers’ rights and obligations

23 October 2012 8:28 AM By

Tax and the taxation regime in Kuwait

Mary Ann Sharp of SNR Denton’s Kuwait office answers key questions about the Gulf state’s tax regime

17 October 2012 8:35 AM By

The application of Sharia law in Saudi Arabia

Hesham al-Homoud, partner at UAE-based law firm Al-Tamimi & Company, explains the implementation of sharia in the kingdom

03 October 2012 8:58 AM By


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