Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) has awarded the local ASGC the contract to build bus stands at Dubai International airport as part of a programme to enhance the airport’s capacity.

Known as the Arrivals Remote Coaching Facilities, DAEP says the project consists of a consolidated Remote Arrival Bus Coaching Facility that will be built on two levels. It will have an Apron level serving the bus operation and an upper level that will connect directly to Concourse B by two bridges.

ASGC is already working at Dubai International airport. In August 2016 it was awarded the estimated AED700m ($190m) contract to upgrade Concourse C.

The contract involves the overhaul of the systems serving the concourse, such as the baggage-handling areas. Concourse C serves international airlines.

The programme to expand the capacity of the space-constrained Dubai International airport to 118 million passengers by 2023 through the adoption of new technologies has relieved the pressure on the timeline to execute the $33bn expansion of Al-Maktoum International airport.

Dubai International airport processed 88.2 million passengers in 2017, growing 5.5 per cent over the previous year, and half a per cent below its initial forecast of 89 million.

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