Countdown to Cop28

28 November 2023

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Day 2 Tuesday 28 November

Countries are expected to sign and announce a declaration for agriculture and food systems at Cop28, UAE Climate Change and Environment Minister Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb al-Mheiri tells the World Green Economy Summit, two days before the start of the UN climate summit in Dubai.

"In consultation with countless partners globally, we are bringing political will behind a Global Food Agenda," Al-Mheiri said. "We are hoping for a milestone moment."

Al-Mheiri reiterated the UAE's pro-climate and pro-growth strategy, which it aims to promote at Cop28. "The UAE's net-zero by 2050 pathway has established that it can add an extra 3 per cent growth to the GDP and create 200,000 jobs, attracting new industries and new partnerships."

She said the UAE aims to deliver the most inclusive Cop28, which supports multiple pathways in terms of clean energy adoption and mitigation, adoption and innovation. 

TheUAE has also recently issued a third update to its second nationally determined contribution (NDC) to include a 40 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2030.

Day 3 Monday 27 November

US President Joe Biden will not be attending the Cop28 climate summit, according to reports citing a senior US official. 

The president’s schedule for Thursday released by the White House shows him hosting a bilateral meeting with Angola President Joao Manuel Gonçalves Angola and attending the national tree lighting ceremony in Washington.

Reuters recently reported that the US president was unlikely to be at Cop28, which begins in Dubai on Thursday, as "he balances the demands of a Middle East war and a presidential campaign expected to heat up in January".

World leaders, senior ministers and officials from 198 countries are expected to attend Cop28, along with an estimated 70,000 delegates.

King Charles will give the opening speech, along with the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and the UAE President, Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, and the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, are expected to attend, and an invitation has been extended to Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, according to reports.

China's President Xi Jinping is not expected to attend the summit.

Day 7 Thursday 23 November

Adnan Amin, CEO of Cop28, has endorsed a recent report released by International Energy Agency (IEA), in which the Paris-based organisation has called upon the global oil and gas industry to slash fossil fuel investments and increase spending in clean energy production.

The current investment of $800bn a year in the oil and gas sector will need to be cut in half and greenhouse emissions will need to fall by 60 per cent to give the world a fighting chance to meet its climate goals, the IEA said in its new report.

“The IEA report reinforces the need for Cop28 to be an inflection point in the world’s efforts to tackle climate change and keep 1.5 [degree Celsius target] within reach. The world must deliver an ambitious decision on the Global Stocktake and give the world some good news,” Amin said in a statement.

“The report specifically notes that all sectors must be part of the solution. Real tangible climate action will only come with everyone at the table, and we have always said that we cannot have an energy transition without the energy industry,” he said.

Globally, clean energy investments stand at about $1.8tn, with the share of the oil and gas industry amounting to only 1 per cent of the total, with only four companies accounting for 60 per cent of that spend, the IEA report states. The hydrocarbons industry invested about $20bn in clean energy last year, or roughly 2.5 per cent of its total capital spending.

 To align with a 1.5 °C scenario, the industry’s emissions would need to decline by 60 per cent by 2030. The emissions intensity of oil and gas producers with the highest emissions is currently five-to-ten times above those with the lowest, showing the vast potential for improvements, the IEA report adds.

Furthermore, strategies to reduce emissions from methane – which accounts for half of the total emissions from oil and gas operations – are well-known and can typically be pursued at low cost, the report states.

“I have consistently called on oil and gas to aim for the highest possible ambitions and deliver urgent action through decarbonisation. We believe the oil and gas industry can do more.  That is why I have been calling for the oil and gas industry to align around net zero by or before 2050 and zero out methane emissions by 2030. They must decarbonise their own businesses and support the global transition,” Amin remarked.

Day 9 Tuesday 21 November

The US will lay out the first international strategy to commercialise nuclear fusion power at the Cop28 climate summit, according to a Reuters report. 

Fusion technology could have an important advantage over today's nuclear fission plants that split atoms, as it does not produce long-lasting radioactive waste. If deployed successfully, it could also provide an affordable source of carbon-free electricity.

US President Joe Biden is not expected to attend the Cop28 summit in Dubai. The country's Special Envoy on Climate Change, John Kerry, is expected to lead the US delegation during the summit.

Day 12 Saturday 18 November 

The body mandated to determine the guidelines for a global carbon market under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement has reached an agreement for a carbon market framework following two years of talks.

The Article 6.4 supervisory body has agreed the project methodologies and carbon removals, which will be presented at Cop28 for adoption by the CMA, or the the group of countries that have signed and ratified the Paris Agreement.

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement outlines the rules for global trade in greenhouse gas emissions reductions. It enables a company in one country to reduce emissions domestically and have those reductions credited so that it can sell them to a different company in another country.

According to S&P Global, the operationalisation of Article 6.4 will provide a new structure for a global carbon market, opening up fresh demand for credits, with the UN deciding the rules on eligibility.

Day 14 Thursday 16 November

Abu Dhabi has inaugurated its second utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) project, less than two weeks before the Cop28 climate summit opens in Dubai. Abu Dhabi Deputy Ruler, Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed al-Nahyan, inaugurated the 1,500MW Al-Dhafra solar PV independent power project.

The key shareholders in the firm implementing the scheme, Dhafrah PV2 Energy Company, are Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (Taqa), which maintains a 40 per cent stake, as well as UAE-based Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), France's EDF Renewables and China's Jinko Power, which each own 20 per cent stakes. 

The execution of the project, which is the world's largest single-site solar power plant under construction, coincided with global lockdowns and supply-chain constraints associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A team of EDF Renewables and Jinko Power proposed to develop the project for AEDfils4.97 a kilowatt-hour (kWh) ($c1.35/kWh) in 2019. Ewec said the levelised electricity cost was further improved to AEDfils4.85/kWh ($c1.32/kWh) upon the project's financial close in December of the same year.

Day 21 Tuesday 8 November

The Cop28 presidency has facilitated the establishment of a coalition to drive climate technology ecosystems. The UAE’s Masdar City, China’s Tencent and Abu Dhabi-based technology startup Catalyst comprise the Innovate for Climate Tech coalition's anchor partners.

“The initiative is part of the Cop28 commitment to keeping 1.5 degrees Celsius within reach and supporting the promotion, facilitation and deployment of climate technologies, especially in the Global South,” said Adnan Amin, Cop28 CEO.

In addition to the three anchor partners, other groups have joined the initiative, including:

  • The African Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (AVCA)
  • Companies Creating Change (C3)
  • Climate Impact Capital
  • Cool Climate Collective
  • Crescent Enterprises
  • The Emirates Family Office Association
  • Hub71
  • Impact Hub Shanghai
  • LinkedIn
  • McKinsey Sustainability
  • Natural Ventures
  • Nedamco Africa
  • New Energy Nexus
  • Plug & Play
  • Princeville Capital
  • Riffle Ventures
  • Schneider Electric
  • Sheraa
  • Solar Impulse Foundation
  • Sustainable Impact Capital & Holdings
  • Venture Climate Alliance (VCA)
  • VentureSouq

The coalition plans to launch a global digital climate technology platform by Tencent, which will connect startups, venture capitalists, corporations, governments, family offices, research institutes, philanthropies, innovation entities, universities and multilateral development agencies.

Day 24 Sunday 5 November

A UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting held in Abu Dhabi last week has concluded and provided recommendations for implementing a loss and damage fund. 

The agreement to establish a loss and damage fund was considered a key breakthrough at Cop27, which was held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, last year.

The fifth meeting of the Transitional Committee on Loss and Damage has produced recommendations including the provision of "much-needed, grant-based support to countries particularly impacted by climate and loss". 

Cop28 negotiators will have to agree to operationalise the fund during the climate summit, according to Cop28 president Sultan al-Jaber. 

“Billions of people, lives and livelihoods that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change depend upon the adoption of this recommended approach at Cop28,” said Al-Jaber.

Day 26 Friday 3 November

Failing to give adequate attention to water's crucial role in supporting ecosystems, communities and agriculture can have severe consequences, including an elevated risk of food systems collapsing, leading to increased undernutrition and humanitarian crises. The International Food Policy Research Institute blog outlines several actions to tackle this challenge:

1. Safeguard water-dependent ecosystems, such as floodplains, to ensure the continuity of their functions and services

2. Enhance water's significance in food systems by improving data, institutions and investment

3. Enhance water management in agriculture

4. Emphasise sustainable practices to reduce water and food losses beyond the farm gate

5. Address social inequalities, including the recognition of basic human rights to water and food, with a particular emphasis on women's rights, in the development of water-for-food policies and interventions

In addition, a new report from the Food & Agriculture Organisation reveals that global agricultural losses due to natural disasters totalled $3.8tn from 1991 to 2021, equivalent to annual losses of $123bn, or approximately 5 per cent of the global agricultural GDP.

The estimated losses over the past three decades could have provided the daily dietary requirements for 400 million to 500 million people.

Day 27 Thursday 2 November

The EU, US and UAE are urging other governments to support a global initiative to triple renewable energy by 2030. The aim is to have 11,000 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy installed by the end of the decade. They say the push is essential to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The draft letter being sent to other governments also includes a commitment to double the annual rate of energy efficiency improvement to 4 per cent a year until 2030. While many major economies support this renewable energy goal, it faces challenges, especially in convincing some nations to transition away from fossil fuels such as coal.

For the pledge to be approved, it must receive unanimous approval from the nearly 200 nations represented in UN climate negotiations.

Day 28  Wednesday 1 November

The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, said he will travel to Dubai to attend the Cop28 climate summit between 1 and 3 December. It will be a first for a pontiff. The pope is expected to drive home his recent appeal for action to curb global warming. 

"We are still in time to stop it," the Pope said in an interview with Italy's state-run television network. "Our future is at stake, the future of our children and our grandchildren. A bit of responsibility is needed."

The 86-year-old pontiff has made protection of the environment one of the hallmarks of his papacy and met last month with Cop28 president-designate Sultan al-Jaber.

Buckingham Palace has also confirmed King Charles' attendance at the event, where he is expected to deliver the opening address. In his former role as Prince of Wales, King Charles delivered the opening addresses for two previous Cops: in Glasgow in 2021 and in Paris in 2015.  

Day 29 Tuesday 31 October

State-owned national oil company Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) is planning to send at least two negotiators to Cop28 in the UAE as part of a larger delegation, MEED reports.

One source said: “At the moment, it is expected that two or three members of the delegation will specifically have the role of negotiators and will be pushing to try and make sure that KPC gets the outcomes that it wants from the climate conference.”

Speaking publicly earlier this month, Nawaf al-Sabah, the deputy chairman and chief executive of KPC, said that the company is currently looking to expand upstream production both within Kuwait and in other countries.

Kuwait aims to boost its upstream production capacity to 4 million barrels a day (b/d) of oil by 2035. Its current production capacity is almost 2.9 million b/d.

Day 33 Friday 27 October

Cop28 president Sultan al-Jaber addressed the audience during the inauguration of the 230MW Garadagh Solar Park in Azerbaijan and said that he was determined to take a “business unusual approach” to “close a massive emissions gap” and deliver climate outcomes at Cop28.

The event also marked the signing of 1GW of new projects by the UAE and Azerbaijan. These comprise two solar schemes and one wind project. The initiatives are part of Masdar’s Phase 1 of a substantial 10GW renewable energy pipeline in Azerbaijan agreed upon in 2022. Earlier this month, Masdar signed an agreement with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Mida) to develop 10,000MW of renewable energy projects in the Southeast Asian nation by 2035.

The Garadagh Solar Park is described as an example of the Global South using blended innovative finance, as it was built through the partnership between Masdar and ADFC (Abu Dhabi Fund for Development), the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and Japan’s International Co-operation Agency.

Al-Jaber highlighted the potential for new technologies, political determination and private enterprise to drive transformative progress for both the climate and economies, calling for the spirit of innovation and cooperation demonstrated at the Garadagh Solar Energy Plant to be carried forward to Cop28.

Day 35: Wednesday 25 October

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released its World Energy Outlook 2023 (WEO-2023) report. The findings of the report will be leveraged at Cop28 to lead action plans.

The WEO-2023 outlines a comprehensive global strategy aimed at achieving a sustainable path by 2030. The strategy encompasses five key actions, which can serve as a foundation for a successful Cop28 climate change conference.

  1. Tripling the world's renewable energy capacity
  2. Doubling the rate of energy-efficiency improvements to 4 per cent a year
  3. Reducing methane emissions from fossil fuel activities and improving electrification
  4. Implementing innovative financing mechanisms to triple clean energy investments in emerging and developing economies
  5. Introducing measures to facilitate the gradual reduction of fossil fuel usage, including ceasing approval of new unabated coal-fired power plants

If all countries meet their planned energy and climate commitments, clean energy advancements will accelerate. Even if that happens, the report says more stringent actions are required to maintain the objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Day 37: Monday 23 October

A coalition of 131 companies with a total combined revenue of close to $1tn has urged all parties attending Cop28 in Dubai to seek outcomes that will lay the groundwork to transform the global energy system towards a full phase-out of unabated fossil fuels and to halve emissions this decade.

Among others, the signatories include:

  • Acciona (Spain)
  • Alfa Laval (Sweden)
  • Astra Zeneca (Sweden)
  • Bayer (Germany)
  • BT Group (UK)
  • Capgemini (France)
  • Decathlon (France(
  • Deutsche Telekom (Germany)
  • eBay (US)
  • Electrolux (Sweden/US)
  • Ikea (Sweden/Netherlands)
  • Heineken (Netherlands)
  • HP (US)
  • Mahindra Group (India)
  • Nestle (Switzerland)
  • Poste Italiane (Italy)
  • Royal Philips (Netherlands)
  • SAP (Germany)
  • Scania Group (Sweden)

Unabated fossil fuels refer to fossil fuels produced and used without interventions that substantially reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted throughout the life-cycle.

Capturing up to 90 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) from power plants or 50-80 per cent of fugitive methane emissions from energy supply are examples of abatement measures, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Day 43: Tuesday 17 October

Saudi Aramco’s spare oil production capacity stands at 3 million barrels a day (b/d), according to the company’s chief executive, Amin Nasser. The company is capable of raising its oil production “in a couple of weeks” if necessary, Nasser said during the Energy Intelligence Forum in London.

He added that while Aramco is investing in conventional oil and gas, it is also making investments in renewables, e-fuels, hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Nasser added that continuing to invest in upstream oil and gas is important to keep energy prices low for the people living in the global south and to prevent an uptick in demand for coal.

Commenting on the upcoming Cop28 climate summit, Nasser said that the world should focus the debate on how to cut emissions, not on reducing oil and gas production.

Day 44: Monday 16 October

Cop28 director-general Majid al-Suwaidi reiterated the importance of climate finance reform to support developing nations during the World Bank Group (WBG) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) annual meetings in Marrakesh.

This is in line with the Cop28 presidency's continued calls for international financial institutions (IFIs) to scale up concessional finance for developing countries and for multilateral development banks (MDBs) to work together better.

The Cop28 presidency has recently welcomed the joint report released by MDBs showing that nearly $100bn was delivered for adaptation and mitigation climate finance in 2022, with half of this going to low-income and middle-income economies.  

Day 58: Monday 2 October 

Decarbonisation has emerged as the dominant theme at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (Adipec) this year.

In his keynote address during the Adipec 2023 opening ceremony on 2 October, Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber, Cop28 president-designate and managing director and CEO of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc), highlighted that the energy industry “can and must help drive the solutions”.

Al-Jaber said: “For too long, this industry has been viewed as part of the problem, that it’s not doing enough and in some cases even blocking progress.

“This is your opportunity to show the world that, in fact, you are central to the solution,” Al-Jaber, who is also UAE minister of industry and advanced technology, said in his opening remarks.

Day 62: Thursday 28 September 

Ministers from the world’s 46 least developed countries (LDCs) issued a joint Dakar Declaration on Climate Change 2023, which outlinedtheir expectations and priorities for Cop28.

The Dakar Declaration called for urgent global emissions reductions, increased climate finance, a strong outcome operationalising the new Loss and Damage Fund, and an ambitious Global Stocktake to close the gaps in global climate action. 

It states that while LDCs are home to over 14 per cent of the world's population, they only contribute around 1 per cent of emissions from fossil fuels and industrial processes.

According to the declaration, the LDCs "have the least historical responsibility for climate change, are being forced to adapt beyond their capacities, and are at the forefront of the climate crisis". 

Day 63: Wednesday 27 September

Israel and Jordan are expected to finalise a water-for-energy deal during Abu Dhabi’s Cop28 summit.

Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz met Masdar CEO Mohamed Jameel al-Ramahi in Tel Aviv on 26 September “to advance a water-for-energy deal with Jordan”, according to a local media report citing an Israel Energy Ministry statement.

Israel and Jordan announced the preliminary deal in 2021, with the UAE as a partner.

Dubbed Project Prosperity, the programme envisages 600MW of solar energy exported to Israel and 200 million cubic metres of desalinated water sent to Jordan.

Day 64: Tuesday 26 September

Cop28 president-designate Sultan al-Jaber has met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and other senior-ranking government officials in Tokyo to discuss mutual cooperation in areas including energy transition.

During Al-Jaber’s visit, a joint declaration of intent (JDI) was signed by the UAE Industry & Advanced Technology Ministry and Japan’s Economy, Trade & Industry Ministry to enhance cooperation on climate action between the two nations. The JDI envisages the development of a global green energy hub by the two nations. 

Al-Jaber also highlighted the importance of Asian nations in the energy transition, with the region expected to be responsible for two-thirds of additional energy demand by 2045.

Day 71: Tuesday 19 September

The Cop28 presidency arrived in New York for the UN General Assembly and New York Climate Week. Cop28 president-designate Sultan al-Jaber said: “The connection between health and climate change is evident, yet it has not been a specific focus of the Cop process – until now. This must change.”

Al-Jaber then held further consultations and discussions with world leaders. He later called on the private sector to play its role in ushering in a new era for sustainable climate finance to ensure the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Day 72: Monday 18 September

Cop28 has appointed Kuehne+Nagel as its official logistics partner. The event is expected to have over 70,000 accredited visitors to the restricted Blue Zone and 50,000 daily visitors to the public Green Zone.

Day 76: Thursday 14 September

Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) has announced it will be a Cop28 Principal Pathway Partner. The sponsorship deal will give it a highly visible presence throughout the 12-day event. 

“Masdar is proud of the pioneering role we have played in advancing the clean energy sector and enabling the UAE’s vision as a global leader in sustainability and climate action.

“As a Cop28 Principal Pathway Partner, we embrace this opportunity to showcase our proven track record in advancing the commercialisation and deployment of renewable energy and clean technologies to address the world’s sustainability challenges,” said Mohamed Jameel al-Ramahi, CEO, Masdar.

Day 77: Wednesday 13 September

Investcorp has announced it will be an Associate Pathway Partner at Cop28. “Recent climate events and record temperatures around the world underscore the reality that we are facing increasing risks with limited time to act,” said Mohammed Alardhi, executive chairman of Investcorp.

Day 79: Monday 11 September 2023

At least 2,300 people have died and more than 10,000 were reported missing when a storm swept through Derna in eastern Libya on 11 September. Heavy rains from Storm Daniel caused a water dam about 12 kilometres from Derna to fail, sending water down a valley and overwhelming a second dam closer to the city.

Storm Daniel brought Libya the heaviest rainfall in 40 years. Before making landfall in Derna, the storm caused severe floods in Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. It has been called a Medicane – a portmanteau for Mediterranean and hurricane – which experts said drew enormous energy from extremely warm seawater. A warmer atmosphere is also understood to hold more water vapour that can fall as rain.

Day 80: Sunday 10 September 2023 

Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, UAE Climate Change & Environment Minister, urged the Africa Food Systems Forum (AGRF) to support the need to transform food systems to make them “more resilient and inclusive and leverage them as engines of economic growth and prosperity for all”. 

The forum took place after the UAE pledged $4.5bn in support of clean energy projects at the Africa Climate Summit.

Day 81: Saturday 9 September 2023

G20 leaders have endorsed recommendations made by the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) on how the world can move in line with the Paris Agreement targets.

The report, titled Low-Cost Financing for Energy Transitions, by Irena and India’s G20 presidency, estimates a need for $4tn in annual investments by 2030.

According to the report, the world needs to triple global renewable power capacity to just over 11,000GW by 2030 to maintain the possibility of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Irena director-general Francesco La Camera noted the need to build political momentum as the world prepares for Cop28, citing that an ambitious action agenda that “is inclusive of both developed and developing countries at Cop28 will be essential to addressing the climate challenge”.

Day 83: Thursday 7 September 2023 

MEED reports on Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) signing an agreement with state utility Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (Dewa) to build and operate the 1,800MW sixth phase of Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum Solar Park.

The solar photovoltaic project will be developed on an independent power producer basis and is anticipated to cost up to AED5.51bn ($1.5bn).

The project is expected to provide power to half a million residences and reduce carbon emissions by 2.36 million tonnes annually

Day 84: Wednesday 6 September 2023

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) has achieved a financial investment decision on a project to develop a large carbon capture facility at its Habshan gas processing complex in Abu Dhabi. The Habshan carbon capture, utilisation and storage project is aligned with Adnoc Group’s overall target of attaining net-zero emissions by 2045, and reaching zero methane emissions by 2030.

Day 85: Tuesday 5 September 2023

The UAE has announced a $4.5bn finance initiative to boost clean energy projects in Africa.

Four UAE institutions will provide the public, private and development capital, including Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Etihad Credit Insurance and UAE-based clean energy developers Masdar and Amea Power.

Day 86: Monday 4 September 2023

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has been granted observer status for Cop28.

RICS chief executive Justin Young said: “According to the UN, the built environment is responsible for nearly 40 per cent of all carbon output and 50 per cent of all extracted materials.

“RICS will meet with representatives from the UN, delegates from governments, corporations and non-profits, to express the views and aims of the built-environment sector and communicate its work to promote sustainability and achieve net zero.” 

Day 87: Sunday 3 September 2023

Egypt’s Petroleum & Mineral Resources  Minister Tarek el-Molla has issued a statement saying that Cop28 will be an opportunity to further unite global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

The minister highlighted renewable energy technology as one of the ways to curb emissions and protect the environment, and called for global cooperation to ensure a sustainable future.

Day 88: Saturday 2 September 2023

EU countries are preparing to push for a global deal on phasing out fossil fuels at Cop28, according to a report by Reuters.

“The shift towards a climate-neutral economy will require the global phase-out of [unabated] fossil fuels and a peak in their consumption already in the near term,” said a draft document outlining the EU’s negotiating stance.

Day 89: Friday 1 September 2023

The Washington-based IMF has issued a report saying that fragile and conflict-affected states (FCS) will disproportionately suffer from climate change, for reasons including their geographical location and dependence on agriculture.

About one in five countries worldwide are considered to be FCS, home to nearly 1 billion people and 43 per cent of the world’s poor.

Day 90: Thursday 31 August 2023

The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has announced that its eighth World Investment Forum is partnering with Cop28 and other key entities to advance climate finance and investment discussions.

Cop28’s second preparatory Global Dialogue and Investment-Focused Event will be held in conjunction with the forum in Abu Dhabi on 16-20 October 2023.

The Global Dialogues and Investment-Focused Events were agreed upon by the parties at Cop27, with the first Global Dialogue being held in Bonn in June. The overall outcome of deliberations will feed directly into Cop28 negotiations.

Day 91: Wednesday 30 August 2023

The Cop28 presidency has called for urgent action to strengthen global adaptation efforts to boost the resilience of vulnerable communities, ecosystems and economic sectors at the Korea Global Adaptation Week 2023.

Majid al-Suwaidi, director-general and special representative of Cop28, told the forum that the presidency is committed to prioritising adaptation and resilience.

“Under the focus of putting people and communities back at the heart of climate action, we are working to deliver on the Global Goal on Adaptation, and to elevate issues across food, health, water, nature and relief and recovery,” Al-Suwaidi told the forum in Incheon.

He added that the Global Stocktake at Cop28, which will assess countries’ progress in their nationally determined contributions (NDCs), will enable a thorough assessment of successes and gaps, representing a significant moment to raise ambition and action for adaptation.

The first Global Stocktake will take place on 1-2 December – the second and third day of Cop28 – alongside the World Climate Action Summit.

Day 92: Tuesday 29 August 2023

The Washington-based IMF has issued a report saying that fragile and conflict-affected states (FCS) will disproportionately suffer from climate change due to their geographical location and dependence on agriculture.

About one in five countries worldwide are considered to be FCS, home to nearly 1 billion people and 43 per cent of the world’s poor.

The report says FCS face higher temperatures than other countries and will be more exposed to extreme heat going forward.

Climate change is forecast to lead to an even higher number of days at extremely high temperatures, which will endanger human health.

By 2040-59, the median FCS will face 61 days a year of temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, compared to only 15 days for other countries under a high-emissions scenario.

Day 93: Monday 28 August 2023

The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has announced that its eighth World Investment Forum is partnering with Cop28 and other key entities to advance climate finance and investment discussions.

Cop28’s second preparatory Global Dialogue and Investment-Focused Event will be held in conjunction with the forum in Abu Dhabi on 16-20 October 2023.

The Global Dialogues and Investment-Focused Events were agreed upon by the parties at Cop27, with the first Global Dialogue held in Bonn in June. The overall outcome of deliberations will feed directly into Cop28 negotiations.

Day 94: Sunday 27 August 2023

Dubai’s ninth World Green Economy Summit will be held on 28-29 November, right before the start of Cop28.

Over the past eight years, the event has convened climate change leaders, policymakers and the private sector to stimulate investments in the global green economy, develop sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and encourage innovation.

The World Green Economy Organisation, state utility Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (Dewa) and the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy organise the annual summit, which takes place at Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre.

Day 95: Saturday 26 August 2023

At a conference in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, 48 African countries articulated their commitment to address climate change and human mobility challenges in Africa.

The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events resulting from climate change directly affect migration in Africa. Last year, more than 7.5 million new internal disaster displacements were recorded on the continent and it is forecast that up to 105 million people could become internal migrants within Africa.

“The need to address human mobility in the context of climate and environmental change has increased in global importance and urgency,” said Mohammed Abdiker, director for the East and Horn of Africa at the International Organisation for Migration, which is part of the UN.

Day 96: Friday 25 August 2023

The UAE Banks Federation (UBF) says six major UAE banks – First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic Bank, Mashreq and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – had dedicated over AED190bn ($51.8bn) in green financing for projects in renewable energy, waste-to-energy and green technology by the end of 2022.

In a statement, the federation said the financing supports the UAE’s Year of Sustainability and its hosting of Cop28. It added that it expects other UBF members to follow.  

Jamal Saleh, director general of UBF, identified three major areas through which federation members will drive the financial sector’s transformation.

The first is by propelling green projects by providing funds and issuing green bonds. The second is by instilling green practices among customers, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), suppliers and vendors; and the third is by measuring and efficiently managing every UBF member’s carbon footprint and reporting the reductions achieved by the sector.

Day 97: Thursday 24 August 2023 

Cop28 director-general Majid al-Suwaidi highlighted the importance of climate finance in an interview with CNN. 

“Climate finance is going to be a really important piece of our Cop. We have been travelling around the world and engaging with many different stakeholders, talking about what challenges they face. And it comes down to a desire to take action, but in many cases, that means we need to provide the finances for them to do so. In particular in the developing world, where they are trying to grapple with development challenges. 

“We need to make sure finance is made available, more accessible and, importantly, more affordable. As Cop president, we have put this at the top of the agenda.”

Day 98: Wednesday 23 August 2023 

Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) has announced that the third edition of the SGI Forum will take place on 4 December, during Cop28 at Expo City, Dubai. 

Now in its third year, the SGI Forum plans to build on both 2021’s inaugural event in Riyadh, which unveiled Saudi Arabia’s 2060 net-zero commitment, and on last year’s forum held in Egypt in tandem with Cop27.

Day 100: Tuesday 22 August 2023

The UAE started a 100-day countdown on 22 August for the upcoming 28th Conference of the Parties (Cop28), which takes place at Expo City in Dubai between 30 November and 12 December.

Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, UAE Climate Change & Environment Minister, affirmed the country’s readiness to host Cop28.

She highlighted the UAE’s pivotal role in “advancing global climate initiatives, safeguarding our natural environment and earth, and paving the way for a brighter future for subsequent generations”.

Almheiri said: “This is a moment we have been looking forward to, as it highlights the UAE’s efforts in tackling climate change on both a national and international scale.”

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