Kampsax will advise TPGC as it attempts to restructure the port management and project planning as part of a $120 million scheme to upgrade the port. The project, which consists of civil works inside the existing port breakwaters and provision of cargo handling equipment, is 50 per cent funded by the EIB and 50 per cent by the Transport Ministry (MEED 13:2:04).

Kampsax’s technical assistance contract is linked to a Eur 50 million ($58.5 million) EIB loan granted in May 2003. The loan will finance the procurement of equipment, while government funds will cover the costs of the civil engineering works.

TPGC is close to issuing an international tender for the civil engineering works on the project to expand the southern port.

The package is expected to include the construction of a new quay and rehabilitation of another, construction of new passenger and cargo terminals, dredging and rehabilitation of the main breakwater (MEED 27:6:03).