The contract will involve project financing, design, construction and maintenance of the Disi system for 40 years. When completed, the pipeline will supply Amman with 100 million cubic metres a year of drinking water from the Disi aquifer in the south, near the border with Saudi Arabia. Work on the conveyance system will include the drilling of 65 production wells and construction of a collector tank, pumping stations and a terminal reservoir for the Disi-Amman pipeline.

The Libyan/British joint venture Brown & Root North Africa,which has supervised the first two planning phases of the project, is expected to win the consultancy contract for the third construction phase. An award is expected by the end of the year. The Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company (Lafico)has offered to contribute $120 million towards the total estimated $600 million cost of the project. The Jordanian government will contribute $200 million, while the local Social Security Corporation has agreed to underwrite 25 per cent of the remaining $400 million (MEED 24:8:01).