Key Facts

  • Owner Public Works Authority (Ashghal)
  • Location Qatar, Ad-Dawhah Municipality, Doha
  • Status Execution
  • Classification Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment
  • Contract ($m) $1,500m
  • Contract Type DBO
  • Main Contract Completion Q4 2012
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Qatar’s Public Works Authority (Ashghal) is building a grassroot wastewater treatment plant 20km northwest of Doha. The project includes sewer systems for existing and planned urban areas around Gharaffa Bay, West Bay, and the village of Simismah, north of Doha, and will serve a population of over 900,000 people when completed.

The facility will have three times the capacity of the largest wastewater treatment and reuse facility currently in use in Qatar.

It will have the only sludge treatment plant in Qatar, receiving and treating sludge from wastewater treatment plants across Qatar. Once treated, sludge will be used as organic fertiliser or as a supplementary green source of energy.

The project will be done in four phases and includes an advanced biological treatment process as well as membrane and ultra-violet technologies, to produce high quality reclaimed water for reuse. Water treated at the plant will be recycled for irrigation use.

Scope of work will include:

  • Raw sewage pump station (diametre 42 metres, depth 45 metres)
  • Installation of forcemain pipes (diametre 2 metres, 30 kilometres)
  • Interceptor sewers (diametre 2.5 metres, depth 30 metres)
  • Settling tanks
  • Aerators
  • Sludge incineration unit
  • Separators
  • Associated works