The main winner in the budget was public projects, which saw its budgeted allocation rise by an estimated 40 per cent to QR 4,100 million ($1,264 million). Public services and infrastructure were allocated QR 3,086 million ($847 million), with QR 646 million ($177 million) going to road construction, QR 450 million ($124 million) to wastewater projects, QR 209 million ($57 million) to the Doha International Airport expansion project and QR 226 million ($62 million) for power and water schemes.

Of the QR 887 million ($244 million) budgeted for health and social services, QR 375 million ($103 million) has been allocated for the construction of 1,050 low cost houses, QR 200 million ($55 million) for sports facilities and QR 119 million ($33 million) for hospitals. A further QR 418 million ($113 million) has gone for education and youth projects.

Given that revenues have been based on a conservative $16 a barrel oil price, a balanced budget, rather than a sizable deficit, is achievable, economists say. The oil price in early April reached $26 a barrel.