Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has approved the final design and main components of the Union Museum. The facility is to be constructed at the Union House, which is the site where the document announcing the formation of the UAE federation was signed.

The design of the museum, which was awarded to the UK’s Halcrow, was inspired by portraits of the emirates’ rulers signing the constitution of the UAE on 2 December 1971.

The pen and document containing the provisions of the constitution have been used as key elements in the museum.

The museum is comprised of eight sections:

  • Section 1 comprises an educational museum
  • Section 2 spotlights the story of the neighbourhood during the pre-union era, along with the life patterns of populace in various environments
  • Section 3 highlights the roadmap leading to the formation of the union, together with the key local, regional and international events in that period
  • Section 4 focuses on the blueprints of the union
  • Section 5 presents information about the key factors prompting the founders to form the federation
  • Section 6 narrates the details of establishing the federation state
  • Section 7 is devoted to the Constitution of the UAE, and
  • Section 8 highlights the achievements made since the formation of the Union