The contract calls for DynCorp to provide technical advisers with 10 years of domestic law enforcement, corrections and judicial experience, including two years in specialised areas such as police training, crime scene investigation, border security, traffic accident investigation, corrections and customs. They will work with Iraqi criminal justice organisations at national, provincial and municipal levels to assess threats to public order and train personnel at all levels of the Iraqi legal apparatus. DynCorp will also provide all logistical, technical and administrative support necessary to accomplish the advisers’ mission.

DynCorp was acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)of the US in early March. The company has existing contracts with the Bahraini, Kuwaiti, Omani, Saudi and UAE security forces. It is also working on international policing assignments in Bosnia, East Timor and Kosovo. In its 2001 annual report, Dyncorp said it had 23,000 employees and recorded profits of $118 million.