A total of six tenders have been issued in Egypt for construction projects in two residential communities.

In the first batch, the General Authority for New Urban Societies has issued three separate tenders for the construction of 31 residential buildings comprising 744 housing units in New Tiba City in Luxor Governate. The closing dates for the three contracts are 12, 13, and 14 November.

In the second batch, the New Urban Communities Authority has floated three tenders for the construction of 28 residential buildings comprising 672 housing units in New Sohag City. The deadline for submitting bids is 14, 17, and 18 November.

Last month, the Housing Cooperative Society for the staff of Cairo University issued a tender for a residential project at the northern extension of 6 October City comprising 28 residential buildings, a fence, a mosque and related infrastructure including roads, water, wastewater, electricity and landscaping.

The General Authority for New Urban Societies also recently extended the deadline to 31 October for submitting bids for the construction of 51 buildings comprising 1,020 housing units in 10 Ramadan City.