Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour has outlined a timetable for amending the constitution and holding fresh parliamentary and presidential elections.

The announcement, made late on 8 July, comes amid growing tensions between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military after more than 40 people were killed at a demonstration by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Mursi.

The plan calls for a panel to be appointed in the next 15 days that will amend the constitution that was pushed through by Mursi in late 2012. This would then be put to a referendum within four months.

Following the referendum, parliamentary elections would be held, expected in early 2014. Presidential elections would then occur once the new parliament convenes.

Mansour may also be making progress on appointing a prime minister, with Ziad Baha Eldin, former head of the General Investment Authority under toppled President Hosni Mubarak, understood to have been nominated for the role.

Previous attempts to install Nobel laureate Mohammed ElBaradei as prime minister failed after the Salafist Nour party objected to his appointment. ElBaradei could still be named vice-president. Nour withdrew from talks about appointing an interim government following the killings of Mursi supporters at dawn on 8 July.