With a GDP of more than $270bn and a population of more than 80 million, Egypt has always been an important projects market. Today, there are more than $104bn worth of projects planned and un-awarded.

As stability returns, the new government is keen to get the economy back on track. Indeed, the largest construction contract ever awarded in the region, Arabtec’s $40bn deal to build 1 million houses in Egypt, is the perfect example of the massive investment that is expected to pour into the state.

The latest report from MEED Insight, Egypt Projects Market 2014, provides companies with a comprehensive sector-by-sector analysis, detailing all major projects planned in the state and assesses how the recent political changes will impact the market. The report examines the economic and political agenda of the new government and looks at the investment opportunities that have opened up as a result of the recent political changes.

Key benefits and features:

  • Understand the Egyptian projects market
  • Access more than $104bn planned and un-awarded project opportunities
  • Assess the political scene and its impact on the projects market
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities the market presents
  • Obtain a forecast for the future direction of the market

In addition to an examination of each key sector, the Egypt Projects Market 2014 report provides an overview of the political environment as well as a macro-economic analysis. The report focuses on quantifying the size of the market and the individual sectors that comprise it as well as supplying a forecast for the future direction of the market and the overall political development.

With the aid of billions of dollars from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the new government will actively seek to address some of the country’s most pressing issues such as a lack of affordable housing and other social infrastructure such as healthcare and education facilities.

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The indications are that the authorities will look to the private sector to implement many of their project ambitions. Schemes like the $10bn-plus Alexandria-Luxor high speed railway, the $2.5bn Dairout power plant, the multi-billion-dollar Gulf of Suez wind farm complex, the expansion of $885m Safaga port, and the $750m Abu Rawash wastewater treatment plant will all be implemented on a PPP basis.

Projects as diverse as the $24bn Ayaat City, the $8.5bn Alexandria refinery, the remaining multi-billion-dollar phases of the Cairo metro are symbolic of the ambition of the projects market in the country.

With stability returning, Egypt will witness a sharp increase in project activity, offering a multitude of new project opportunities for contractors, consultants and suppliers alike.

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