Elias Murr

Position: Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Biography: A Greek Orthodox Christian, 46-year-old Elias Murr is a scion of one of Lebanon’s oldest political dynasties.

His father, Michel Murr, was a former interior minister and his former father-in-law was the previous president, Emile Lahoud. Like Ziad Baroud, Murr is one of President Michel Suleiman’s five ministerial choices who belongs to neither the main March 14 nor March 8 political movements, yet many Lebanese regard him as closer to the latter.

Murr, who survived an assassination attempt in 2005, will provide continuity in the new administration and enjoys close relations with Syria, an important attribute in a government that is broadly led by anti-Syrian politicians.

Having previously overseen sec-urity force raids on Islamist militants, Murr will seek to maintain a strong focus on security as the government settles in to power.

Contact: (+961) 1 287700