Elyes Fakhfakh

Position: Finance minister

Biography: Elyes Fakhfakh was appointed Tunisia’s finance minister in December 2012, having been tourism minister since December 2011. Prior to beginning his career in government, Fakhfakh worked for Cortrel, a Tunisian company specialising in the manufacturing of leaf springs, from 2004. He went on to become deputy director-general, overseeing Cortrel’s international expansion.

Fakhfakh started his career in 1999 at France’s Total, where he spent several years travelling to more than 50 industrial sites to solve complex technical and organisational issues. His time at Total culminated in his last position, from 2004-06, as operational director of a fast-growing site in Poland.

Born in Tunis, Fakhfakh has a double degree in engineering and human and organisational management from the Institut National des Sciences Appliques de Lyon in France.

Contact Tel: (+216) 7 157 3527