Faisal al-Mahroos

Company: Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)
Position: Acting CEO

Biography: Faisal al-Mahroos took over as Bapco’s CEO in July following the retirement of Abdulkarim al-Sayed from the post.

Like most senior executives at Bapco, he has risen through the ranks of the company. A petroleum engineer who obtained his degrees in Egypt and the US, Al-Mahroos joined Bapco in 1976, after training at the Gulf of Suez Oil Company, a 50:50 joint venture of the UK’s BP and The Egyptian General Petroleum Company.

He was appointed deputy CEO for exploration and production in 2006. While the influence of Bapco has waned in recent years, it continues to be the main conduit for oil and gas in the kingdom, and supplies fuel and feedstock to local heavy industry and utilities.

Bapco has also recast its role as one of the world’s most sophisticated refiners of oil, supplying high-grade diesel to Western markets.

Contact: (+973) 1770 4040
Company website:www.bapco.com.bh