Farouk Hussain al-Zanki

Company: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)
Position: Chief executive officer (CEO)

Biography: Farouk Hussain al-Zanki was named CEO of KPC for a three-year fixed term in October 2010. The appointment confirms Al-Zanki as potentially one of the most powerful executives in Kuwait, and 2011 will reveal whether he has the backing of parliament to execute a series of long-awaited projects.

Al-Zanki replaced Saad al-Shuwaib, whose term was characterised by parliamentary disputes that prevented him from delivering any of the company’s strategic projects. Al-Shuwaib’s predecessor Hani Hussain resigned from his position before the end of his term. Previously, Al-Zanki was managing director for refining at KPC and chairman of Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

During 2004-07, he was chairman of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). He joined KOC as a petroleum engineer in 1980, after graduating with a master’s degree from Oklahoma University in the US.

Company website:www.kpc.com.kw