Entrant: Technip
Project owner: Bahrain Petroleum Company
Project contractor: Technip
Engineering consultant: Technip
Architect: Technip

Description: Bahrain’s booming population and increasing demand for electricity has prompted the government to upgrade the existing power plants in the country. As part of this programme, Bahrain Petroleum Company has replaced the ageing turbo generators at Power Plant 2 located in Sitra. The project involved the replacement of the vintage 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 turbo generators with two 14MW steam turbo generators that have new housing and a substation.

This upgrade will boost the reliability and operability of the power generation system in the Sitra refinery and other facilities, resulting in major maintenance and cost savings, as well as enhancing safety conditions within the power plant. During the project, environmental training and competency enhancement programmes were implemented to ensure all personnel involved were prepared for their respective tasks, with particular emphasis on safety, quality and environmental friendliness.