Greece-based contractor Metka has signed an agreement with the General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energy of Libya to build a new power plant.

Metka will build a gas-fired power plant with a capacity of more than 500MW in Tobruk. The plant will use turbines from the US’ GE.

The contract will be signed following final approval from the Libyan government, and will become effective following the securing of a letter of credit from an international bank.

The project is scheduled to be completed on a fast track basis, with the first turbine planned to be connected to the grid 9 months after execution of the project begins. The second and third gas turbines will be connected to the grid 10 and 11 months respectively after construction work begins.

Investment and development in Libya’s power sector has stalled significantly since the overthrow of leader Muammar Gadaffi in 2011 and subsequent civil war.

In 2016, it was estimated by utility providers that the national power shortfall stood at 1,400MW a day during peak periods.