Bahrain’s Works Ministry has received further technical clarifications from bidders for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the Tubli sewage treatment plant expansion.

The ministry received proposals from five bidders on 17 August 2016 for the EPC deal. MEED reported in January that bidders had been invited to submit further technical clarifications for the Tubli scheme, having sought initial clarifications in November.

The client received clarifications from bidders on 29 January.

The bidders were:

The project has faced a number of delays in the prequalification and bidding stages. MEED reported in May 2015 that 10 groups had been prequalified to participate in the tender. The authority had received prequalification documents from 25 groups in January 2014.

The scheme is being funded by the governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, so prequalification was restricted to:

  • Kuwaiti contractors
  • Kuwaiti / Bahraini joint ventures
  • Kuwaiti / foreign joint ventures or consortiums
  • Saudi contractors
  • Saudi / Bahraini joint ventures
  • Saudi / foreign joint ventures or consortiums

The expansion will double the capacity of the plant from 200,000 cubic metres a day (cm/d) to 400,000 cm/d. Tubli is currently dealing with more than 300,000 cm/d of wastewater, leading to raw sewage discharges into the sea.

The project is part of Bahrain’s efforts to expand and upgrade its wastewater treatment plants and networks, which are currently operating above capacity.