Oman’s Council of Ministers has approved the move to transfer and assign all wastewater assets and projects in the sultanate to the Oman Wastewater Services Company (Haya Water).

Haya Water has said it is working on an integrated plan to implement the government’s instruction. The company is expecting to sign an agreement with the Ministry of Regional Municipalities & Water Resources at the end of June to take over all of the sultanate’s wastewater assets.

After the move has been finalised, the company will manage 63 wastewater facilities throughout the country. Haya Water will take over management and operation of the facilities in 2015, the company’s CEO Hussein bin Hassan Abdul Hussein said in a public announcement.

Haya currently manages all of the assets across the greater Muscat governorate’s six provinces of Muttrah, Bausher, Seeb, Al-Amerat, Quriyat and Muscat. Its responsibilities involve wastewater collection, treatment and treated sewage effluent (TSE) distribution.

Haya is planning to provide wastewater services to 80 per cent of the Muscat area by 2020, and reach a 93.1 per cent connect rate by 2025. The company is planning an overall capital investment of RO2.14bn ($5.6bn) to reach this target.