Hesham Ismail Abdulrahman al-Emadi

Company: Energy City
Position:Deputy CEO and head of business development

Biography: Hesham al-Emadi is responsible for developing the infrastructure for Energy City and working with companies that have invested in the development.

The project is an initiative by the government of Qatar to bring together energy companies from around the world in one central hub.

Al-Emadi has his origins in the energy sector. He has worked as a senior researcher on various energy and industrial studies for the Gulf Organization for Industrial Con-sulting and the Industrial Investment Pro-motion Department. Prior to joining Energy City in 2006, he established an industrial assessment programme for the GCC to help streamline the energy sector.

He has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University in the US.

Contact: (+9744) 411 522
Company website: www.energycity.com/