Ibrahim al-Nahari

Position: Sub-governor for foreign banking, Central Bank of Yemen

Biography: A veteran of both the Central Bank of Yemen and the Finance Ministry, Ibrahim al-Nahari has been central bank sub-governor for foreign banking since 2008.

Along with central bank governor Mohammed Awad bin Hammam, he is seen by bank insiders as a key architect in the stabilisation of the Yemeni riyal during 2011, particularly in targeting money exchangers thought to be manipulating its currency. He was also instrumental during talks with the IMF and Saudi Arabia during 2012.

Al-Nahari has also played an important role in promoting plans to diversify Yemen’s economy, and government revenues, away from a reliance on oil exports. Before the 2011 uprising, he was a proponent of the creation of a stock market in Sanaa. He is currently leading the bank’s research on future strategy.

Contact Tel: (+967) 1 274 318