Ibrahim Elwan

Company: Tanqia
Position: Chairman

Biography: Ibrahim Elwan is founding chairman and chief executive officer of Dubai-based Infrastructure Capital Group (ICG), a company created in 1995 to develop and finance infrastructure and real estate projects.

To date, ICG has developed projects in power, wastewater and real estate in the US, Europe, and the UAE to a total value of about AED2bn ($500m). One example is Tanqia, a privately owned wastewater utility in the emirate of Fujairah. Prior to establishing ICG, Elwan spent 19 years working at the World Bank, where he focused on the development of infrastructure, energy and the private sector in emerging economies.

While at the bank, his roles included senior economist for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa; deputy division chief of power and transport for South Asia; and divisional chief of power and energy for South Asia, and later Turkey and Pakistan.

Contact: (+971) 9228 2103
Company website: www.tanqia.com/