Project Sample 1: Assessment of Asian manufacturing investments in Saudi Arabia

MEED Insight was approached by a Japanese government-related entity to conduct an assessment of Asian manufacturing investments in Saudi Arabia.

The company was planning to promote Saudi Arabia as an attractive investment destination for Japanese manufacturing and industrial companies and had very specific requirements for the research undertaken. The overall objective was to understand why so few Asian companies had historically invested in the Saudi Arabian manufacturing sector.

MEED Insight consultants travelled to Riyadh, Dammam and Jubail to meet with each of the companies. The companies were asked for their experiences of doing business in the kingdom and what they felt were the advantages and disadvantages.

Being a respected and reliable source of information in the Middle East along with our extensive range of contacts allowed MEED Insight consultants to meet with government and diplomatic officials to establish their views and input.

MEED Insight carried out a comprehensive analysis of the Saudi manufacturing sector by first identifying the Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Singaporean) manufacturing companies’ active in the kingdom. By speaking with all the players involved in the manufacturing
sector, MEED Insight was able to draw up a comprehensive picture of the reasons why Asian companies had failed to invest in the kingdom.

Using the information gathered, MEED Insight was able to help the client draw up a plan to attract manufacturing companies in the kingdom. As well as providing advice on the opportunities available to them the key challenges they would face were presented.

Project Sample 2: In-depth survey of Middle East mining sector

MEED Insight was approached by a Western government agency to conduct an in-depth survey of the Middle East mining sector.

The agency was looking to promote the Middle East to international mining companies and was looking for comprehensive data and research to meet their requirements.

MEED Insight won the contract to examine and assess the region’s mining sector. The overall objective for the agency was to clearly identify potential investment opportunities.

MEED Insight conducted an in-depth and focused study into each country within the region in great detail. Data and information was collated by MEED Insight from a variety of primary and secondary sources. With the information drawn together, the MEED Insight research team was able to draw up a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the mining sector in the region.

Details of each of the existing and future investment opportunities were drawn up and presented to the client. MEED Insight also provided information on each of the key clients and companies who were already involved in the sector. This was done by country and supplied vital intelligence and contact details for each company to the client.

Supporting the core information provided by MEED Insight was a wealth of data on the existing supply and demand dynamics along with important statistics on the mining sector in each state. Using the information from within the report, our client was able to provide informed advice to mining companies, enabling them to identify and assess investment opportunities.

Project Sample 3: Analysis of MENA aromatics and methanol projects market

MEED Insight was approached by a major GCC petrochemicals producer to conduct an in-depth analysis of the aromatics and methanol projects market in the MENA region.

The company was planning a world-scale chemicals production complex in North Africa. As part of the research commissioned, this company wanted a comprehensive and historical pricing analysis of the regional aromatics and methanol contracting market. The overall objective of the research was to evaluate trends in contract pricing.

MEED Insight primarily identified all of the methanol and aromatics projects undertaken in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region over the previous 10 years. Along with this data, details were provided on all associated PMC/FEED, technology and EPC contractors which had worked on the schemes.

MEED Insight obtained the cost of each of the contracts and subcontracts and by doing so the research team were able to effectively identify in detail the rise in construction costs over the past decade along with highlighting regional variation.

The client was able to use this comprehensive and in-depth information to assist with their planning requirements. The client was also able to successfully identify which contractors were most likely to meet its contracting needs.

Project Sample 4: Assessment of the GCC mechanical & electrical contracting market

MEED Insight was approached by a major international contractor to carry out an in-depth, focused assessment of the GCC mechanical & electrical contracting market.

As this company was looking to expand its mechanical and electrical activities in the GCC, MEED Insight was commissioned to carry out a detailed survey of the both the mechanical and electrical markets within the industrial and building sectors.

The MEED Insight research team firstly provided an overview of the mechanical and electrical sectors in each GCC market. From there the client was provided with assessments of the market potential based on information from MEED Insight proprietary projects database, MEED Projects.

In addition, MEED Insight evaluated the key factors for success through in-depth discussions with existing clients, consultants and contractors in the market. An analysis of the leading mechanical and electrical companies in each market was provided, giving details on issues such as
size, experience and strength.

Finally, the client was provided both economic and political risk assessments for the next five years along with details on the major projects planned in each market. The report was commissioned and used by the client as the basis for its five-year regional strategy.

Project Sample 5: Analysis of the Saudi Arabian utility market

MEED Insight was approached by a major Asian contractor to undertake an in-depth study and analysis of the Saudi Arabian utility market.

This company was looking to enter the regional power and water market for the very first time. MEED Insight was contacted to provide more detailed information on the Saudi Arabian power sector, looking specifically at the key players in the market. The client also wanted to look at the contracting terms and the outlook for the sector.

Having previously purchased a MEED Insight off-the-shelf research report on the regional utilities sector the contractor wanted the data and information from within the report expanded in much more detail.

For the report, MEED Insight provided in-depth historical data on the Saudi power projects market. An assessment of the major clients in the market was also provided to the client, giving details on their procurement strategies, terms and conditions, and projects planned.

MEED Insight also analysed the key contractors and subcontractors and assessed the experience of Asian companies active in the sector. Finally, the client was provided with a comprehenisve overview of the market potential in the rest of the GCC and North Africa.

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