State upstream operator, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), has issued an invitation for companies to bid for a contract to construct manifolds and associated works in south and east Kuwait.

The project’s budget is $350m and the deadline for bid submission is 10 February 2015.

A total of 13 companies all based in Kuwait have prequalified for the contract:

The scope of work includes:

  • Wellhead manifold
  • Surface Safety Valve (SSV) manifold
  • Tie-in of wellhead manifold and surface safety valve manifold to flowline
  • Burn Off Pit (BOP) and line
  • Installation of valves
  • Installation of SSVs, control system and panel
  • Associated facilities

In October, KOC issued a tender to construct a manifold connected to the planned gathering centres 29, 30, and 31 in the North Kuwait Operations Zone (NKOZ).

The deadline for bids on the NKOZ manifold project is 4 January 2015.

Kuwait’s oil fields are connected to 26 gathering centres, which serve as a collection location for crude produced at several wells connected by flowlines, providing initial treatment through the separation of associated gas and removing salt.