Iran’s Foreign Ministry has stated that the new sanctions imposed by the US over Iran’s missile programme lack moral and legal basis.

Iran’s missile program, the ministry said, is in no way designed to carry nuclear warheads and does not violate any international regulations.

Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehqan also said that Iran will continue to pursue its missile programmes regardless of the US sanctions, according to Iranian news agency Fars.

Dehqan added that Iran’s missile industries are fully reliant on knowledge, expertise and infrastructures of the domestic Defense industry, and that the new sanctions will not affect its development. He further alluded to unveiling new missile achievements “soon”.

The US Treasury Department designated 11 entities comprising companies and individuals in Iran, Hong Kong and the UAE it alleged have aided or are aiding Iran in obtaining or producing carbon fibre materials for its ballistic missile programme. The sanctioned individuals and list will be restricted from using or accessing the US financial system.

The US announced the new sanctions on 18 January, a day following the lifting of most international economic sanctions on Iran.