Iraq is the last major oil exporter left in the world with plentiful resources that have been left largely undeveloped after decades of neglect. Despite its oil wealth, the country is struggling to rebuild itself after years of war and sanctions and oil revenues will be critical to the country’s reconstruction efforts.

The government is preparing a massive infrastructure expansion programme with oil at its centre. The government has attracted numerous international oil companies to boost its production capacity to 12 million barrels a day, which would put it level with Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the country hopes to overhaul its refining sector, and build an industrial base to diversify its economy. The timeframe for such a grand expansion is short, however, and Iraq is a challenging market, with a volatile security and political situation.

The Iraq Oil & Gas Projects Market 2012 report
, is the latest research and analysis report by MEED Insight and is a comprehensive overview of Iraq’s oil and gas sector, covering upstream production, pipeline and export infrastructure, refineries and petrochemical plants. Throughout 190 pages, the report highlights government policy, key areas of spending, major project plans and opportunities along with macroeconomic and political data.

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For anyone interested in doing business in Iraq’s oil sector, this report will be an invaluable tool, providing information on the entire hydrocarbons sector, from production through to downstream industries. It will also quantify the projects market as a whole and provide the data companies need to make strategic decisions in Iraq.

In addition to providing you with a comprehensive overview of Iraq’s oil and gas sector, this report offers you insight into key areas of spending, major project plans and opportunities, government policy, macroeconomic and political data and much more…

Through this report you will be able to:

  • Understand specific opportunities in Iraq’s oil sector
  • Quantify the upstream, midstream and downstream markets
  • Enter and win work in Iraq
  • Understand the challenges facing the sector

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“Over the next five years, we estimate that Iraq will have to invest an estimated $100bn if it is to achieve the target it has set of increasing crude oil production capacity to more than 12 million barrels a day. The pace of growth is unprecedented, but this will also require another $30bn worth on investment in its export infrastructure to get the oil to market and the same again to turn Iraq into a major refiner. But there are also enormous challenges for those are prepared to work in Iraq – from political instability, corruption and a Byzantine bureaucracy. Nonetheless, Iraq represents perhaps the single largest market of opportunities in the oil and gas sector, for oil field services providers and engineering and construction firms.”

Adal Mirza, Gulf Correspondent – Energy & Industry, MEED

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