Iraq’s Electricity Ministry is preparing to invite bids from contractors to build a series of power plants across the country by the end of June.

Each of the projects will be constructed on an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) basis at the following sites:

  • Baji: 6x160MW = 960MW
  • Taza: 1x265MW = 265MW
  • Saddr: 2x160MW = 320MW
  • Rumaila: 5x265MW = 1,325MW

The projects will use turbines from Germany’s Siemens, secured by the ministry as part of a turbine deal signed in 2009. To date, none of the turbines from the Siemens contract have been deployed.

Speaking on the sidelines of MEED’s Iraq Power & Gas 2011 conference in Istanbul, Ala’a Disher Zamel, head of Iraq’s independent power project (IPP) programme at the ministry, announced a further two projects will be built at Dibis – Dibis 1 (2x160MW = 320MW) and Dibis 2 (2x160MW = 320MW) using Siemens turbines.

These projects may also be tendered in the same round as the power projects at Baji, Taza, Saddr and Rumaila, or the contracts to build the two projects may be awarded separately to an Iranian power contractor.

The ministry signed a gas turbine deal with the US’ GE at about the same time as the contract with Siemens. The ministry has awarded several contracts to build projects using the turbines from GE. Power plants using the GE turbines are under construction at the following locations:

  • Nenawa: 6x125MW = 750MW
  • Al-Khairat: 10x125MW = 1,250MW
  • Kerbala: 2x125MW = 250MW
  • Najaf: 1x55MW = 55MW
  • Al-Quds: 4x125MW = 500MW
  • Taji: 4x40MW = 160MW
  • Hilla: 2x125MW = 250MW

Two additional projects using GE turbines will be built at Akkas and Najibiya. The ministry is currently evaluating bids from contractors to build these projects.

In addition to the gas-fired projects, steam power projects are under construction at Yusifiya and Wassit (Wassit 1&2). The ministry also plans to tender contracts to build steam power projects at the following locations in the future:

  • Al-Shamal: 4x350MW = 1,400MW
  • Al-Anbar: 3x300MW = 900MW
  • Al-Khairat: 3x400MW = 1,200MW
  • Salah Al-Deem: 4x300MW = 1,200MW