Jean Marion

Company: Banque Saudi Fransi
Position: Managing director

Biography: As managing director of Banque Saudi Fransi, Jean Marion is responsible for the operations of the largest Saudi bank with a foreign investment partner.

Banque Saudi Fransi is 31 per cent owned by one of France’s largest banks, Credit Agricole, with whom it partners on local investment banking activities. Marion has been working for the Credit Agricole group since 1984, largely in overseas markets. He was previously senior country officer for the bank in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Africa and the US.

Before moving to Saudi Arabia in 2004, he was senior country officer for Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Earlier this year, he led the bank on an international fundraising exercise that raised $650m. The deal was the first international bond issue by a Saudi bank since the financial crisis, and was priced below other banks in the region, including National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Contact: (+966) 1 408 9089
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