Jubarah bin Eid al-Suraisi

Position: Transport Minister, Saudi Arabia

Biography: Jubarah bin Eid al-Suraisi was appointed to the transport portfolio in 2003, and has overseen the most radical overhaul of Saudi Arabia’s transport infrastructure in the nation’s history.

Under his supervision, the privatisation of the national airline, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia), has been set in motion and the ports and rail sectors have been transformed to meet the demands of the kingdom’s renewed industrial strength.

Al-Suraisi’s work has dovetailed effectively with the efforts of other ministries. He spent 14 years at the Finance & Economy Ministry, joining as an assistant deputy minister in 1989 and rising to hold the post of deputy finance minister for eight years from 1995 until he took on the transport brief in 2003.

Prior to joining the government, he spent seven years in Washington DC, working for four years at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) before joining the World Bank.

Contact Tel: (+9661) 404 3000