Keizo Morikawa

Company: Cosmo Oil Company
Position: President and CEO

Biography: Keizo Morikawa has been working for Japan’s Cosmo Oil in various roles since joining Daikyo Oil Company in 1971. Cosmo Oil is the result of a merger between Daikyo and Maruzen Oil.

The firm has a 10 per cent stake in the Ras Laffan condensate refinery. The Tokyo-based company is one of Japan’s largest oil refiners. Morikawa has worked in sales control, fuel marketing (retail and wholesale), as well as industrial fuel marketing during his time at the company. He was made a director of Cosmo Oil in 2000.

In 2002, he was appointed managing director before rising to senior managing director by 2004. Morikawa became executive vice-president of the company in 2008 and was appointed to his current position of president and CEO in June 2012. He has a degree in foreign languages from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Contact Tel: (+81) 3 3798 3211