Khalifa Hnaish al-Gaddafi

Position: Intelligence and security adviser

Biography: Muammar Gaddafi’s cousin, Khalifa Hnaish, is one his closest confidantes. Hnaish is a tribal relation of Gaddafi’s, from Sirte, and is older than the leader.

Since the 1978 Green Revolution, his influence has remained constant and it is believed that Gaddafi entrusts him with confidential information. Hnaish was head of Gaddafi’s personal security until 1985.

A colonel in the military, he manages the leader’s day-to-day agenda and is his closest adviser on intelligence and security matters. He is also responsible for maintaining relations with the country’s tribal leaders. He is well respected by Gaddafi’s sons and is one of the few members of the revolutionary ‘old guard’ who holds sway with them.

Gaddafi has most recently put him in charge of an initiative to draw political opponents out of exile. He has been known to criticise the political situation in the country, but blames those around Gaddafi rather than the leader himself.

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