Nader Dahabi was sworn in on 25 November. His 27-member cabinet was appointed later the same day.

Cabinet members ofJordan– sworn in before His Majesty King Abdullah II onSunday 25 November 2007



Prime Minister and Minister of Defence

Nader Dahabi

Minister of Interior

Eid Fayez

Minister of Political Development and Minister of State for Legal Affairs


Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications

Nasser Judeh

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs

Abdul Rahim Okour

Minister of Agriculture

Muzahim Muhaisin

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Salah Bashir

Minister of Water and Irrigation

Raed Abu Saud

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation

Suhair Al-Ali

Minister of Environment

Khalid Irani

Minister of Labour

Bassem Salem

Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs

Abdul Fattah Salah

Minister of Information and Communications Technology

Bassem Roussan

Minister of Finance

Hamad Kasasbeh

Minister of Health

Salah Mawajdeh

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities

Maha Khatib

Minister of Social Development

Hala Latouf

Minister of Municipal Affairs

Shihadeh Abu Hdeib

Minister of Public Sector Reform

Maher Madadha

Minister of Education

Tayseer Nueimi

Minister of Industry and Trade

Amer Hadidi

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Omar Shdeifat

Minister of Culture

Nancy Bakir

Minister of Transport

Alaa Batayneh

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

Khaldoun Qteishat

Minister of Public Works and Housing

Sahl Majali

Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs

Thouqan Qudah

Minister of Justice

Ayman Odeh

As well as being president of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Dahabi has also worked in government as the transport minister under former prime minister Ali Abul Ragheb.
Finance Minister Hamad Kasasbeh will deliver the first budget of Dahabi’s government in December after keeping his post.
Kasasbeh was made Finance Minister in August, after former finance minister Ziad Fariz resigned because fellow ministers would not back his plan to cut petrol subsidies.