Exploration and production company Kuwait Energy has struck oil in its East Ras Qattara concession in western Egypt. Discoveries were made at the Shebl-1 and Shebl East-1 wells.

Initial tests at the Shebl-1 well is estimated a production 6,000 barrels a day (b/d), while tests at the Shebl East-1 wells estimated a production of 1,500 b/d.

Kuwait Energy holds a 49.5 per cent stake in East Ras Qattara, with Chile-based Enap Sipetrol holds the majority, and is the operator the concession.

Kuwait Energy has made 11 discoveries in Egypt since 2008. It is currently undertaking further exploration work and is participating in five concessions, Area A, Abu Sennan, Burg el-Arab, East Ras Qattara and Mesaha. It is the operator of three of those concessions.