State-controlled upstream oil firm Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is inviting proposals from companies to design and supply a gas sweetening facility (GSF) to be located in West Kuwait.

The deadline for proposals is 31 August. The scope of the work includes design, manufacturing, integration, supply, testing, commissioning as well as operations and maintenance.

KOC says the new GSF must be able to treat and deliver 120 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) from a variety of sour gas streams with concentrations of hydrogen sulfide that vary from 2-4 per cent and concentrations of carbon dioxide from 6-10 per cent.

As things stand, the sour gas from West Kuwait’s oil fields is separated, compressed and dehydrated in KOC facilities as well as being treated in an acid gas removal plant.

KOC says the new gas sweetening facility is required in order to meet production targets and reduce gas flaring during shutdowns and outage scenarios. KOC manages production and export of oil and gas with the associated facilities from more than twelve developed oil fields in Kuwait.