The US’ Chevron Lummus Global has won three contracts to provide its proprietary technology for the three new atmospheric residue desulphurisation (ARDS) units. The contract covers:

  • Two new ARDS units at the Mina Abdulla refinery, one with a capacity of 100,000 barrels a day (b/d), the second with a capacity of 50,000 b/d

  • The 50,000-b/d ARDS at the Mina al-Ahmadi refinery.

Denmark’s Haldor Topsoe won four technology contracts covering:

  • The new 23,500-b/d naphtha hydrotreater

  • The new 39,000-b/d kerosene hydrotreater

  • The hydrogen plant at Mina Abdullah

  • The revamp of the existing diesel hydrotreater at the facility

  • The naphtha hydrotreater at Mina al-Ahmadi

  • The hydrogen plant at Mina al-Ahmadi

  • The revamp of the existing 60,000-b/d gasoil desulphurisation unit.

The UK/Dutch Shell Global Solutions has contracts to license its technology for:

  • A new 65,500-b/d diesel hydrotreater at Mina Abdulla

  • The three new 450-tonne-a-day (t/d) sulphur recovery units at the plant

  • The two new 200-t/d sulphur recovery units at Mina al-Ahmadi.

Shell, Chevron Lummus and Haldor Topsoe are also the main technology providers on KNPC’s new $14.5bn refinery project at Al-Zour (MEED 15:7:05).

Also at Mina al-Ahmadi:

  • The US’ CBI Lummus Global has the delayed coker unit package

  • France’s Axens will supply its technology for the fluid catalytic converter (FCC)

  • The US’ UOP is the technology provider for the revamp of the existing FCC at the refinery, and is also on the 70,000-b/d hydrocracker at Mina Abdulla.

Technology for the remaining units – including the crude distillation units, the saturates gas plant, the high olefins conversion unit, the vapour recovery units and the depentaniser fraction tower – is dependent on final contractor selection.

The CFP will increase the combined refinery capacity of the two refineries to 800,000 b/d when it is completed in 2011. Prequalification is currently under way for the engineering, procurement and construction contractors (MEED 15:2:08).