Kuwait’s Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB) is inviting firms to prequalify by 19 July for the contract to provide transaction advisory services for five public private partnership (PPP) projects at Kuwait International Airport.

The successful firm or consortium will assist the PTB in structuring, procuring and negotiating the transaction, which involves developing five separate projects within the development plan for the airport.

The first package covers a company to provide aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul for local, regional and international airlines.

The second package involves establishing cargo handling services and facilities within Kuwait Cargo City and also involves the construction, management and operation of one cargo airside or landside warehouse, one cargo forwarders area warehouse and an office building.

The third package covers the construction of a catering facility and services for the airlines and airline operators at the airport.

The fourth package involves establishing gas and maintenance stations. The fifth package will covers the construction of a five-star hotel.

The successful firm or consortium will design, build, operate, finance and maintain each package.

The PTB is working alongside the Directorate of Civil Aviation on implementing the development plan for Kuwait airport.

The airport project is part of Kuwait’s wider public-private partnership (PPP) programme which currently stretches to 24 projects worth $21bn.

The PTB plans to award the advisory contracts for three of these projects by the end of the year (MEED 17:6:10).

These projects include the $7bn Kuwait metro, the $3bn Failaka Island tourism development and the $10bn rail network.