Libya’s parliament, the General National Congress (GNC), has overwhelmingly passed the Political Isolation Law, banning anyone who held a political office under the Gaddafi regime from holding a position in the new government for at least 10 years.

The GNC met on 4 May to vote on the law. The parliament did not announce how many of its 200 members voted for or against the law, according to the local English language daily, the Libya Herald.

The political isolation law will come into effect from 5 June, but is yet to be published in its final form.

In addition to banning Gaddafi-era officials from office, the law also covers the creation of the Political Positions Standards Implementation Authority. Anyone applying for a high-ranking government position will have to apply through the new authority.

Libya already has a body, known as the Integrity Commission, tasked with removing Gaddafi supporters and loyalists from government positions. It will now be annulled once the new body becomes effective.

The law has been a major source of discontent in Tripoli, which has been the stage of protests and even a siege of the Justice Ministry by armed militia men demanding its quick passage.