This new report by MEED Insight offers you:

  • Unmatched insight into the demand outlook for the Power and Desalination sector
  • Key project and market data – saving you valuable time and investment on research
  • Assess to key clients and their procurement strategies
  • Insight into the prospects for alternative energy

Power and Desalination in Libya will:

  • Equip you with the essential information you need to face current market challenges
  • Provide you with overviews of investment requirements along with in-depth insight into the existing power and desalination sectors
  • Offer you expertise and knowledge, ensuring you can invest appropriately and reinforce your position in the market

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About MEED Insight

Thanks to its own projects tracker, MEED Projects, MEED Insight has access to unparalleled, up-to-date information on the region’s $3 trillion projects market. We can provide companies with:

  • Details of all major projects within a given market or sector, including their scope
  • Contacts for clients, contractors and suppliers
  • Information on key clients and their tendering processes
  • Information on how to register with clients and prequalify for projects
  • Forecasting of future projects

Data analysis
MEED Insight has access to a wealth of regional data ranging from broad macroeconomic statistics to sector-specific information. We can obtain and analyse data on a specific market or industry to help companies gain an insight on market size and potential

Off-the-shelf reports

MEED Insight also offers a series of off-the-shelf reports on a range of different sectors and industries. The information compiled for these reports comes from a variety of sources, including MEED magazine,, MEED Events and MEED Projects, as well as primary and secondary research.

Our current off-the-shelf reports include:

  • GCC ICT Projects Outlook & Review
  • GCC Projects Forecast & Review 2010
  • Power & Water in the GCC 2010
  • Middle East Steel 2009
  • Wastewater in the GCC
  • Middle East Cement 2009
  • MENA Mining 2009
  • MENA Aluminium 2009
  • GCC District Cooling
  • GCC Economic Outlook

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