Based on interviews with almost 800 business opinion formers across the Middle East and other parts of the world doing business in the region, the HSBC-MEED Middle East Business Confidence Survey provides a unique snapshot of the health of regional economies, a sophisticated assessment of the progress made with economic reform from the perspective of business practitioners, and their expectations for corporate performance.

Data from the survey provides half the inputs for the HSBC-MEED Middle East Business Confidence Index (MEBCI). The other half of the MEBCI is constructed from hard data relating to gross domestic product (GDP), oil prices and production, money supply, interest rates, credit volumes, inflation, government budgets, capital expenditure, stock market performances and exchange rates.

By fusing the expectations of almost 800 business leaders with a data-driven, weighted model of regional economic health, a unique index has been created that will provide an independent and anticipatory indicator of the future health of the regional business environment.

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