Encouraging water reuse and recycling is vital to longterm, sustainable development and treated sewage effluent is now used to replace drinking water in applications, such as irrigation, in most Gulf states.

MEED Awards criteria

Projects that can be nominated for this award include:

  • Rain and surface-water capture systems, including reservoirs
  • Water transmission systems, including pipelines
  • Effluent collection systems
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Treated effluent distribution systems

Those submitting nominations for a water and water the official online entry form to supply information on the five factors in the delivery of the project:

  • Economic and social feasibility
  • Architecture and design
  • Engineering
  • Construction procurement and project/programme management
  • Environmental impact and sustainable development

Go to meed.com/awards for more information or to meedawards.com to enter the MEED Quality In Projects award for water reuse project of the year