On 6 May, Meedco signed a SR 178 million ($47.5 million) contract to build a 380-kV double-circuit overhead line (OHL) between the planned independent water and power project (IWPP) at Shuqaiq and the Al-Kadmi substation. The length of the OHL is 111 kilometres. The contract duration is 26 months.

Meedco has also received letters of award for three other contracts, with contract signings scheduled for mid-May. The largest of the contracts, worth SR 337 million ($90 million), covers the construction of a 220-kilometre-long OHL between the Khurais oil field development and Ghunan, over a period of 24 months.

The second, worth SR 311 million ($83 million), calls for the supply and installation of a new 380/115-kV bulk supply point (BSP) substation at Khurais and the expansion of the existing 230/115-kV substation at the same location.

The final, 26-month contract, worth SR 220 million ($59 million), involves the construction of a 119-kilometre-long, 380-kV double-circuit OHL between Shuqaiq and the Abha east substation.