The Mena region is experiencing a rail boom. From Africa’s first high-speed rail network in Morocco to Oman’s first ever rail scheme, billions of dollars are being invested in rail and metro projects for the first time. Today every country has announced rail or metro plans and in total there are more than $200bn worth rail and metro projects either planned or under way in the Middle East. This translates to more than 33,700km of mainline routes and 3,000km of metro.

The latest market intelligence report from MEED Insight, MENA Rail and Metro Projects 2014 report provides a comprehensive overview of the major rail and metro projects in each country in the region outlining the major drivers, project details, leading contractors and clients, challenges and opportunities. It provides you with information on the entire sector, from existing infrastructure to projects under execution and projects planned.

Several projects made good headway in 2013, most notably the award of $22bn worth of contracts on the Riyadh metro and $8bn worth of deals on the Doha metro scheme. The Doha and Riyadh metro projects are the first of a raft of metro and rail schemes planned in the GCC. New metro networks are planned in Jeddah, Mecca, Kuwait City and Abu Dhabi. The most ambitious project of all is the planned GCC railway which will eventually link all six GCC states from Kuwait City in the north to the Omani capital, Muscat, in the east.

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Through this comprehensive report you will be able to:

  • Learn about the $200bn-plus Mena rail and metro projects market
  • Understand the current and upcoming individual project opportunities in each Mena state
  • Access key project details, including maps, bidders lists, procurement timeframe and technical details
  • Understand individual country strategies for their rail and metro development plans
  • Quantify the value of current and future rail and metro investment in each country
  • Access rankings of the top clients and contractors
  • Understand what the competition is doing

This Mena Rail report provides a complete breakdown of the rail and metro projects market and quantifies spending and investment in the rail sector by country. The report analyses the challenges facing the rail sector and the financing methods being used for rail projects across the region.

In addition to the exclusive forecast for projects spending, the research report also ranks and profiles the key clients.

Comprising more than 150 pages, the report lays out the overarching strategies behind the massive investment planned and provides details of the key projects in each country, along with contact information for the principal clients.

Save time and investment on research and analysis. Gather exclusive data on the MENA rail and metro projects market through this in-depth examination.

To access exclusive data, research and analysis along with many tables, graphs, charts and maps you can order your copy today.

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