Phase 3 calls for the installation of a 60 million-gallon-a-day (g/d) desalination plant utilising multi-stage flash (MSF) technology. The expansion will also comprise a 220-kV transmission system. The existing complex consists of two 140-MW gas turbines and four 7.5 million-g/d desalination units (MEED 16:2:01).

France’s Alstom Poweris the prime contractor for the 700-MW phase 2 expansion. The scope of work calls for the installation of three 13/A2 gas turbines, as well as low nitrous oxide burners, an auxiliary bypass firing stack, and a 220-kV switchyard. Commissioning of the first steam turbine is scheduled for June, followed by the second in 2003 and completion by 2004. The consultant is Ireland’s ESB International (MEED 21:9:01).

Phase 2 will boost the island’s installed generating capacity of 1,260 MW by 30 per cent and provide sufficient steam for the MSF plant, which is scheduled for final commissioning in 2005.