Mohamed Benchaaboune

Company:Banques Populaires
Position: Chairman and managing director

Biography: Mohamed Benchaaboune has been chairman and managing director of Banques Populaires since 2008. He brings vast experience to the role from his time at power company CGE Maroc (now Alcatel Alstom CGE).

Educated at Ecole Superieure d’Electricite in Paris, he has worked for the Washington-headquartered IMF and Moroccan customs, as well as the Banque Centrale Populaire, the central institution of the group that he now leads. Benchaaboune heads up a lender with the largest client base in Morocco, with 1,000 branches and 3.2 million customers.

It is strong in catering to Moroccans living abroad and manages 60 per cent of the total financial asset base of a constituency that plays a vital role in a society with a long tradition of migration. Banques Populaires is also the traditional market leader in catering for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Contact Tel: (+212) 522 202 533