Mohammed Awad bin Hammam

Position: Governor, Central Bank of Yemen

Biography: Mohammed Awad bin Hammam was appointed governor of the Central Bank of Yemen in 2010, replacing Ahmed Abdul Rahman al-Samawi, who had held the post for the previous 13 years.

Prior to taking up his current role, Bin Hammam worked as governor of the central bank in his native governorate, Hadramawt. As the new governor, he was almost instantly faced with a crisis as the Yemeni uprising of 2011 and attacks on a key oil export pipeline sent the economy, and the value of the riyal, into freefall.

Bin Hammam is widely credited with helping stabilise the currency and keeping the domestic banking system from collapsing during 2011. In 2012, he was key to unlocking a $93m loan from the Washington-headquartered IMF and a $1bn soft loan from Saudi Arabia to help further stabilise the riyal.

Contact Tel: (+967) 1 274 318